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Here is a prelude to my video entitled 'St Bees Man Morphing in Time' it is based on the discovery of St Bees Man at the st Bees Priory in 1981. It will be a unique visual odyssey that I will show for C-ART OPEN STUDIOS SEPTEMBER 2014.

2014 ipad owl

Included 5 Raven photographs entitled Corvus corax 1-5
C-ART at RHEGED an exhibition of Cumbrian artists and designers from 13th September - 10th November 2013.

This Autumn, Cumbria’s largest indoor tourist attraction Rheged will be teaming up with C-Art Open Studios to present ‘C-Art at Rheged’, a specially selected exhibition that brings together a hand-picked group of artists and designers from this year’s C-Art Open

Art on the edge - St Bees Artist Dawn Mills. Cumbria Life
I'm very excited to be appearing in the January 2013 edition of Cumbria Life. It was great fun being interviewed by Sue Allan, and really interesting to be photographed by Phil Rigby.

Images of new work Stormflow series. I have been experimenting with Egremont red oil paint made at Florence mine and acrylics ready for the Paintfest Exhibition at Florence Mine May 26-27th 2012.

Stormflow 1

Stormflow 2

Stormflow 4


Painting from exhibition at Florence Mine, Egremont, Cumbria Autumn 2012
"Caught red Handed"

Fascia veins I. Painted with 'Egremont Florence Red' a high quality red iron oxide mined from Florence mine, the last working deep iron ore and haemotite mine in Europe.
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Recently I have been taking a lot of photos, primarily of Ravens, CORVUS CORAX here are a couple of examples of my studies with Indian ink.

C-Art at Rheged November 2013

Lowes Court, Egremont, Cumbria October 2012
Florence Mine, Egremont, Cunbria October 2012
The Beacon. Whitehaven. Cumbria. Exhibition November 2011- January 2012
C-Art Open studios 2011, 2012, 2013

Whitehaven Festival

MDF Mona, Frida and Me A compressed self portrait.

CASTLERIGG IN SNOW II size 46cm X 60cm Price : £445

CASTLERIGG X size 102 cm X 142cm Price: £880

CASTLERIG II size 102cm X 142 price £795

CASTLERIGG III size 80cm X 102cm Price£695

FLESWICK I size 46cm X 60cm Price: £345

RUTLAND size 142cm X 112cm Sold

RAVEN AT FLESWICK size 102cm X 142cm Price £880

ST BEES HEAD SUNSET III size 46cm X 60cm Price £375

A4 Print mounted available

A4 Print mounted available

Spring A4 Print mounted available

ST BEES LIGHTHOUSE I A4 Print mounted available

ST BEES LIGHTHOUSE SUNSET I A4 Print mounted available

FULMAR A4 Print mounted available



Swallow 1

Swallow 2